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  The Great Plains Literacy Council was organized as a result of efforts and funding from the Southern Prairie Library System and the Oklahoma Department of Libraries. The Council was formally incorporated in the State of Oklahoma in 1985 with a functioning Board of Directors whose members represent local agencies and organizations with a demonstrated interest in working to solve the illiteracy problem. The Council recruits volunteer tutors to teach reading, trains these volunteers in the use of the methodology and materials in a 5 hour workshop, recruits adult non-readers and matches the trained tutors with adult students.

The functional illiteracy figures for the State of Oklahoma indicate that 20% of Oklahomans over 25 years of age have not completed the eighth grade. The adult students participating in the reading program represent those who have not succeeded in an academic environment for various reasons and are not capable of attending Adult Basic Education or other structured classes, or who require flexible scheduling.

The success of the program has led to an increased demand for more tutors. Many of the students now requesting help are from the Hispanic population. Much of their concern to learn to read and write English stems from the new immigration laws that require functional literacy before they can obtain permanent legal alien status. It is the Great Plains Literacy Council's objective to provide this avenue of literacy to those in need.

This agency also helps to increase the awareness of the illiteracy problem and offers a viable solution. It recruits dedicated,tutors who help to motivate those who are considered illiterate and give them the opportunity to become contributing members of the community.
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For information on becoming a tutor please contact:

Diane Johnson
Ruth Ortega - Administrative Assistant
Beatrice Rivera - Health Literacy Administrative Assistant

Questions or comments can be sent to

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